This page is being restarted. It isn't back yet. It'll discuss the role that Fierce Fibers has played in Minetest as well as legal issues related to the company.

191013 Sunday — Fierce Fibers Intro
Fierce Fibers Intro

To the right, or above or below, we see a Fierce Fibers image. The image is used here under Fair Use. The mark “Fierce Fibers” is, additionally, used under Fair Use and/or Nominative Use.

Technical note: This site is hosted outside of U.S. jurisdiction. It falls into the jurisdiction of international copyright laws but DMCA, to be clear, doesn't directly apply. Regardless, for useful tips related to DMCA, click here.

Kindly note that the watermark in this image has been retained in this copy. This change was made at the suggestion of Mr. Leonard DuBoff, a troll attorney in Oregon with impressive skills.

191013 Sunday — Fierce Fibers People

The contributions of each person will be discussed here.

Auke-Jan Kok aka Sofar Stacey Serafin of Fierce Fibers Leonard DuBoff

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