This page provides 3 PDF documents related to Minetest history and especially the events of 2016 to 2017.

191008 Tuesday — Police Statement

To start things off, here's the 23-page statement that was provided on 2019-09-12 to the police in Tiffin, Ohio at their request:


Note: We didn't seek out the police. They contacted us based on an inquiry that we made to Seneca County Social Services.

The inquiry, which was related to Eli Innis of Tiffin, Ohio, is more of a matter for the FBI than for local law enforcement and the statement makes that point.

The police chief of Tiffin, Ohio and a police Lt. — who was the person who requested the statement — confirmed receipt of the PDF.

As no crimes committed physically in the jurisdiction of Tiffin, Ohio were alleged, this part of the story is presumably closed.

191008 Tuesday — Future of Minetest

As of the date of this post (Oct. 08, 2019), the following document is exactly one year old:


This PDF includes thoughts related to the past and future of Minetest plus responses to trollstream comments. This is a draft that will be merged into other documents.

191008 Tuesday — Pale Moon Legal Letter

In 2016, Pale Moon threatened me with legal actions. The full story is in the police statement at this link. To read the PDF that I sent to intermediary attorneys, click on the following link:


Note: This may not be the final version of the document. So, this copy may be updated.

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