191012 Saturday — Notes on MiJyn

This page will discuss MiJyn, a Minetest figure in 2012 who was connected to Landmine.

MiJyn told me he lived with three young women. He brought one of them to IRC. She propositioned one of the teenage boys. She was, of course, a man pretending to be a woman. The boy wasn't pleased by this.

This Modern World is different.

I used to suspect that MiJyn was Landmine. MiJyn and Landmine shared online accounts, MiJyn pretended to be multiple people, and he claimed to know what Landmine was thinking.

However, I'm starting to think that they're separate people.

MiJyn claimed that his real-life name was Joel LeClerc. Interestingly enough, he may have been telling the truth. A Joel LeClerc who used the nick MiJyn shows up outside of Minetest contexts.

LeClerc-MiJyn used to post at YouTube using the name Alex Alexson. He apparently composes electronic music — quite a lot of it. And he's a “Brony”.

I don't think that Real Bad Angel aka Landmine works for a living. But, even without work, it's unlikely that he'd have had the time to do everything that the Jordach, Real Bad Angel, and MiJyn identities — all three of them — did.

On the other hand, Real Bad Angel was supposedly a major MOD music composer in the 1990s. LeClerc's electronic compositions fit with that.

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