Octupus, also known as Jordach, Maciej Kasatkin, Real Bad Angel, Misael Roman, and Landmine, is one of the most important figures in Minetest.

This is an interesting chat that I had with Octupus in 2012. In this chat, he's being 7 years old. His age ranged, over the next two years, from 7 to 18.

If you like, you can also read “Watercodia”, a story that Octupus and I wrote together in 2013. To do so, click here.

In Spring 2017, Jordach acknowledged publicly that he was Octupus. It's surprising to see that most people who were present at the time are unable to process this fact even though it's in their own logs.

I've had these people, non-sentients, really, say things like “conspiracy theory” when it's in their own logs. How does one respond to that?

Octupus was, of course, Landmine and Real Bad Angel as well. We — I've discussed this with others over the past 7 years — feel that he may be Sokomine and Toby Plowy as well.

This transcript has been edited for length.

Q. When you write in the private channel or in PM, and I receive a message from Octupus; are the things that are said how you actually feel at the time? Am I dealing with a genuine Octupus in some sense of the word genuine?

A. let me read it again
A. sometimes

Editor's note: In Fall 2012, Landmine, or Misael Roman, the flip side of the Maciej Kasatkin personality, ordered Octupus, the third personality, to leave. Octupus left, but returned. The question below is about that.

I don't remember if this was before or after the Keegan incident. The Keegan incident will be added here later. As a related note, Keegan is Baby Whale in the Watercodia story.

Q. There was a Octupus who told me he was not allowed to “socialize” any longer. I said he should proceed as was best. But Octupus reappeared. Am I talking to physically the Octupus who talked about “socialize” ? If so, why did you come back?

A. because
A. ifelt bored not talking to any1

Q. You have skipped part of the answer. If you don't wish to answer it is all right. Are you the same Octupus who said that to me?

A. its good to think postitive
Q. I have tried
A. things will get better you will see

Q. I am evolving. I am not perfect. Nobody is. But I am trying to make the right decisions these days.
A. ok

A. Yes coder i am the same Octupus that was scared of the fish with the big teeth. the reason i really came back was i wanted to have a conversation with ppl.a nd i wanted to have a friend i could trust.also i got bored of talking to no1.

Q. I am working with RBA right this minute on his next change
A. cool
A. alright
A. Im happy
A. im helping and doing something construstive

RBA, referred to above, is of course Real Bad Angel; i.e., Octupus himself.

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